A few weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort – David Gunn

I have just finished a great couple of weeks at Macaronis Surf Resort. This was my second placement as a SurfingDoc, having done a stint at G Land last year. My beautiful goofy footed wife Kristen and son and daughter Angus and Ivy were my crew again this year.

First of all I gotta say the staff and facilities there are sick, sick, sick! Traveling with little kids can be a mission but they surfed Fish Fingers everyday and ran around the resort like it was home. Nobody needs me to tell them how good the wave is there so I’ll get into the blood and guts.

I started suturing the first afternoon I was there and it never stopped. Some days where mostly wound care and lengthy debates about limes, “red stuff” and turtle position verses starfish when going over the falls. The first victim was from the resort. He was a super nice fella from Western Oz with a two part gash down his lower leg. I did one part with local anesthetic and one without. In the end he decided he was a local man.

I got to catch up with the surf guide form my first trip to the Ments when Terry from the Melaleuca brought me a poor bugger who broke the end of his board off in his shin. Nice puncture wound and I enjoyed patching him up with Terry (who’s a pretty good first aid and cut man in his own right). I gave Terry and the patient a little quick talk on compartment syndrome and Terry gave me updates for the next two days in the line up.

Another memorable one involved a young charger who unfortunately went up and over and cut his face badly on the reef.


The next day after a surf out at Maccas I paddled over to there charter for a house call. His dad was there with him and they were both unbelievably gracious and thankful. They showed up at Macronies Resort that night with a gift of a posh bottle of champagne and a soccer lesson for my 7 year old Angus which he was super stoked about.

I always had something to do with daily checks on the reef injuries (which everyone had) and some gastro that went through the resort. Everyone was cool and most visits took place at the bar or pool side ( I like to be partially submerged when I work).

I did a trip to the village but did not have an opportunity to do any work there. I am hell bent on returning next year and have already begone to think about how i could contribute to the village next time.

Many thanks to Snakey and Damo for all the hospitality and good story. And once again thank you to all the staff! My family had the time of their lives.

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