End of season G Land vacancies

Calling all surfing doctors!

We are just writing to you to let you know that we have got some last minute end of season vacancies in the G Land roster. The whole of October is available as well as early November depending on how late the camp stays open this season. For those of you who haven’t worked or been to G Land before here is some info on the job.

Where is it? Deep in a jungle nature reserve in SE Java.

How do you get there? Fast boat from Bali – this is included as part of your job.

What is there? G Land! One of the best most consistent wave on the planet. However aside from the infamous reef break there are 3 additional reef breaks that are great fun, less demanding waves.

What’s the job? You would work as the doctor at Raymon’s camp, one of 3 camps to stay at in G Land. We have a reasonably well stocked infirmary. You are required to patch up injured surfers. For the most part it is just simple reef rash and small lacerations of surfers from all 3 camps, however there is always the potential for more serious injuries. The contact requires you to be oncall from 06:00 to 18:00 daily, treating outside those hours is at your discretion. We fully encourage you to surf all day, every day, but you might be called out the water if a serious injury has occurred.

What experience do I need? We have doctors from a wide range of backgrounds. Ideally you should be at least 2 years post grad and have at least 4 months experience in Emergency. However we are flexible and the most important thing is to be able to work independently and have the right attitude to survive in the jungle!

What is included? You will stay in the doctor’s pad, a beautiful, double, ensuite room above the infirmary. The food at Raymond’s is excellent and all included along with 1 beer,2 soft drinks and 2 hot drinks a day. Additional alcohol can be bought as required!

What’s not included? Your flights, your medical indemnity or insurance, or your epic photos of you getting barrelled that you are sure to get!

How is the infirmary stocked? There is an online stock list. The infirmary is restocked by the doctors going out there. It is always a good idea to email the doctor working there before you go to see what we are low on. Donations from the patients are encouraged and if you have paid for supplies you can reimburse yourself from the donations kitty. We can’t however guarantee how much will be there at any one time though. Again, you could email the doc there nearer the time.


Contact Alex via email or phone.

Alex.turner83@gmail.com,  0061 402794599

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  1. Nice work Alex!! The conference sounded like a ball-tearer!!How big/consistant was the swell? In France for the quiksilver pro,simon nothling is about to arrive.All the sand has been chewed away here except for one small bank where the comp is!great vibe though.how long will u be at tweed ED for??

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