Swell is building….

Waves have been solid overhead for the last day and increasing swell combined with perfect conditions is set to grace us over the weekend and into the next week…. every one is pretty stoked and the mood in the camp is one of excitement and anticipation to see what the coming days will bring, and also of muchos tiredness and happiness from the days surfing…. Bizarrely, given current and expected conditions, all 3 camps up here are not even remotely close to being booked out so many waves going unridden…

The sun has been pretty strong and there’s been intense glare off the water, so I will say to all of you who are planning to come PACK SOME EYEDROPS… and consider wearing a cap in the water, otherwise you’re gonna get your eyeballs fried….

Nothing too nasty in the way of injuries, I’ve had the flu, but it seems to be passing…. The sandflies are rife and seem to be eating through mossie repellent… and the itchiness seems to be resistant to antihistamines, and antihistamine cream… we tried local anaesthetic gel yesterday which kind of worked (was it the placebo effect, or did the lignocaine manage to penetrate skin??) but if anyone has any bright ideas, then please please drop me a line- the jungle massive will be very grateful…

Food has been great, I made chicken curry for lunch yesterday, and tofu curry for the veggie folks, but good work continues in the kitchen…

More very soon,
Doctor in Residence, Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land

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