Dr Peter Corrigan Acker


  Nationality: American (USA)

  Current Position:

  Clinical Instructor of Surgery/Emergency Medicine 

  Stanford University School of Medicine, California USA

  Favorite Surf Destination: New Zealand

Travel Experience:

Throughout the US, Canada, Western Europe, Central America, South + SE Asia, Polynesia and Oceania, and a little dabbling in South America

Education and Work Experience: 

I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology at Lewis and Clark College Portland, Oregon.  After a few good years in Oregon, enjoying the rugged coastline, I moved across the country to pursue my MD and MPH at Tufts University School of Medicine Boston, Mass.  This afforded me a chance to enjoy some of the chilly breaks New England had to offer.  From there I moved to Chicago to complete my residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago.  

After three years in the landlocked midwest I had the chance to move to sunny California.  There I had the incredible fortune of completing a fellowship in International Emergency Medicine at Stanford University under the Stanford Emergency Medicine International team.  The SEMI team has a number of ongoing collaborative projects focusing on emergency medicine capacity building and increasing access to quality emergency medical care in areas of India, Myanmar, Cambodia, and many others throughout the world. I have had to opportunity to continue on as faculty at Stanford and maintain a role as an active member of Stanford Emergency Medicine International.  


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  1. Hi Peter,

    How are you? I am a new graduate in Ireland and was wondering if you could give me a quick email at eoghandeasy@hotmail.com? I would like to do two things in life, become an ed doc and surf every evening! The problem is finding a place where I can do both! I was wondering if I could get some info about the California application process etc and the likelihood of an international medical graduate getting a spot in California. I would really appreciate any info!

    Best wishes,


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