Jungle Happenings….

Waves have been solid for the last few days, and the swell seems to be on it’s way down… Laurie has been charging, but is still the top contender for the title of ‘Death Tube Near Death Experience’… and is amazingly intact with a number of impressive barrels under his belt… Ryan has broken two boards in two days and Nick has found his backhand barrel mojo. So it’s all good.

Mick Burke the surf guide left this morning, but not before he caught a massive and very delicious in sashimi form spanish mackerel yesterday evening… Awaiting the next surf guide on the next trip…

Yoga-ing continues with Steve, a sound success for the early morning risers…

Angel our favourite bar girl has gone to her home town for a few days, and the glue that binds the jungle camp is being sorely missed…hopefully she’ll be back later and normal service will be resumed.

More soon…
Doctor in Residence, Joyo’s Surf Camp, Java.

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