Lyndsay Dunn

Dunn One
Nationality: Australian

Current Position:

Advanced Care Paramedic with Queensland Ambulance Service

Education & work experience:

Bachelor of Paramedic Science + completing Masters in Critical Care Paramedics. Prior to working for QAS, I was based on Lizard Island as an underwater videographer and on-call medic.

Local break:

Living in Cairns means our local break is in Indo, unless there’s a cyclone; then we get a bit of surfable swell at the reef and on the beaches!


Majority of Oz (just missing from Broome to Darwin) most of Asia and the South Pacific

Other information:

Living in a surf poor part of Oz, we have to find other ways to entertain ourselves. Working on the tourist boats/islands as a dive instructor & videographer for close to 10 years, we spend a lot of our down time now on the reef on our own boat, usually fishing and free diving. Supping, skating, yoga, triathlons and camping keep me going between surf holidays!


Dunn 2

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