Things to do in the Jungle when it’s small….

There’s plenty to occupy the downtime when it’s small here- some more energetic than others… yesterday was a day for catching up on DVDs, emails, music, swimming, fishing and hanging at the beach… everyone gathered at sunset down at the jetty with a couple of crates of the stuff in green bottles and were treated to a session of some good old fashioned Aussie joke telling, then back to the ranch for soup time, and dinner… Jamie the surf guide rallied the troops and organised a pool comp for the staff and guest, and by the time it started we had the tunes pumping and all the assembled were well oiled…. Billy and Dan were in the hotly contested final, and Billy emerged victorious, a few rupiah richer, his usual enormous smile was somehow even bigger… it turned into a late night, and this morning a couple of crew were spotted cracking open a couple of hair of the dog tallies at 9am…The only way out is back in…

I was pretty glad I wasn’t on the bus back to Kuta today, I can tell you… My sidekick, the Badger has left, but another friend, Brad from West Oz has come to join the jungle family

Today the surf has picked up again and expected to improve over the next couple of days… and hardly anyone out at all….

Awesome lunch seems to have cured many of the hangovers, and no doubt come bintang o’clock we’ll all be back on the jetty…

Resident Doctor, Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land.

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