They think it’s all over…

You never know what the day will bring. Today it brought onshore winds, 7 new guests (but took 4 away) and the news that the camp will probably close on the 4th of November. Granted, the camp is not exactly running at full capacity and the forecast suggests it will be flat after Wednesday, but it’s still a kick in the teeth. I love it here and cannot envisage life after G-land. The realisation that from here I go to Perth then to Melbourne and won’t be working until January helps a little though.

Turned out that despite the wind conditions were pretty good and after a little trip in the boat to check out Tiger Tracks and 20:20s some of the boys had a great session this morning. Beer lovin’ Irish-American Dan, myself and some of the new guys got some cracking waves at Moneytrees a little later and looks like tomorrow should be pumping.

On the medical front, Made’s got abdo pain and vomiting but no D yet and Jim Beam has an infected bite that I’m just off to see. Also have advised Angel to stay away from seafood – gives her an itchy rash, swollen lips and a tight throat.

Off to check out Jim’s leg, then early night with bed-time prayers for loads of bookings next week. If no one’s listening then we’ll just have to charge hard for the last few days and come back asap.



  1. My heart bleeds for you….you poor sod. Sounds like you’re having a terrible time. Raining in Blighty (again) but made the trip to St Ives last Tuesday for some nicely formed little left-handers at Porthmeor.
    Have a blast while you can.

  2. Hey chief – sounds like fun and will have to visit g-land some time!

    We’ll get the swell kicking up a storm down at bell’s just in time for your arrival – though defo think you’ll be needing a wetsuit!

    Looking forward to seeing you…

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