the sun sets on g-land

The rumours were true and Joyo’s closed earlier than expected. Real shame but we all had a wicked time. On the last day, one of the guests split his head on the reef at Speedies, but it was only partial thickness and came together beautifully with some glue. Lawrence came over from Bali for the end of season feast and kindly let myself and Jamie (surf guide) hang around for a few extra days. The swell reports hadn’t been too promising, but we ended up with 4 days of head high walls at Kongs and a few cracking sessions at moneytrees with no crowds. Big thanks to all the staff at Joyo’s and can’t wait to get back there.

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  1. Hi mate ,
    Thanks for the blogging !! Good to hear you scored some uncrowded days at the end there .
    Hopefully we can get you a decent stint on the roster next year .
    Spread the word about the surfdocs , and , more importantly come over to Bunbury and do some work !!
    We need RMO’s and Registrars at the Bunbury Regional .

    I will be in touch ,
    Regards , Phil Chapman

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