Dr Daan De Vries



Dr Daan De Vries


Nationality: Dutch


Current position: specializing in tropical and remote medicine


Favourite surfing destinations:

Indonesia, South-Africa, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, 


Previous benevolent work:

Starting in 2017 in the mentawais and G-land


Travel experience:

Australia, new Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, united states, morocco, anywhere in Europe, brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Peru, Colombia


Education and Work experience:

2007-2014 medical school (VU amsterdam)

2015 specialization tropical medicine, surgery and ED, bovenij hospital amsterdam

2016 specialization tropical medicine, gynaecology & obstetrics, Viecuri Venlo

2017 taking some time off to have the time of my life, work on a Mentawai surf charter and volunteer as a surfing doctor in G-land


Any other information you would like to add about yourself:


Surfing and medicine are my passions. To combine them is a dream for me! Thank you surfing doctors for making this possible!!!


“Life is just a blast, it’s moving really fast, better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass”. Limp Bizkit


  1. Surfing Doctors

    We are in the process of starting seaplane service between Padang and the Mentawai Islands and are planning to offer medevac services. Especially in light of my personal meeting with a fellow named Gustavo who was in Padang for the cremation of his brother, a surfer who passed away in Telos from Malaria which could have been prevented had we been operating. We would like to get Surfing Doctors involved in any way we can and offer them special rates on our flights in return for kind of being “On Call” when they are surfing in the Mentawai’s. Any connect you can get to me or andre@samsamaseaplanes.com would be apprenticed.

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