Dr Daan De Vries



Dr Daan De Vries


Nationality: Dutch


Current position: specializing in tropical and remote medicine


Favourite surfing destinations:

Indonesia, South-Africa, Morocco, Peru, Portugal, 


Previous benevolent work:

Starting in 2017 in the mentawais and G-land


Travel experience:

Australia, new Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, united states, morocco, anywhere in Europe, brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Peru, Colombia


Education and Work experience:

2007-2014 medical school (VU amsterdam)

2015 specialization tropical medicine, surgery and ED, bovenij hospital amsterdam

2016 specialization tropical medicine, gynaecology & obstetrics, Viecuri Venlo

2017 taking some time off to have the time of my life, work on a Mentawai surf charter and volunteer as a surfing doctor in G-land


Any other information you would like to add about yourself:


Surfing and medicine are my passions. To combine them is a dream for me! Thank you surfing doctors for making this possible!!!


“Life is just a blast, it’s moving really fast, better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass”. Limp Bizkit

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