2017 Annual Surfing Doctors Conference

9th  Annual Surfing Doctors Conference 23rd September   – 30th  September 2017

Plenkung Reserve SE Java, Indonesia.


Day 1, 23rd September 2017

Candidates fly to Bali from overseas destination, prepare for early morning speed-boat departure the following day.

Day 2, 24th September

-Speedboat departs 0500am, to arrive at Plenkung Reserve at 11:30am

-13:00 – 17:00 Sign in attendance registry, acclimatisation and accommodation, familiarisation with nature reserve and local population.

-1700 – 2000pm Conference introduction, future goals and directions

-2000 – 2200pm Welcome ceremony to all delegates

Day 3, 25th September

– 0900 – 1100am Indonesian language basics course cultural education seminar – James Parkinson

– 1200 – 1300pm Indonesian health update – Dr. Chris Mcguire

-1300-1430pm- Penetrating neck wounds – Dr Mike Frood

– 1500 – 1700pm Remote medical challenges and medical retrieval

Day 4, 26th September

– 0900 – 1700pm Advanced Surfing Life Support Course ($400 cost for non-member)

    – Common surfing musoskeletal injuries  Dr Nick Maister

    – Dealing with hysteria  Dr Phil Chapman

    – Infectious diseases of the tropics and Malaria  Dr Wendy Henderson

    – Drowning reviews and cases:  Dr Scott Stirling

    – Marine envenomations:  Dr Dennis Millard

    – Blunt trauma in remote surfing zones  Dr Anthony Brown

    – Point of care ultrasound in the remote setting- Dr. Scott Stirling

    – Orthopaedic injuries  Dr Simon Campbell

    – Eye injuries: Dr Simon Nothling


Day 5,  27th September

– 0900 – 1700pm Advanced Life Support in remote environments.

    – Posions of the tropics  Dr Phil Chapman

    – Toxins, drugs and alcohol  Dr Phil Chapman

    – Antibiotic use in the tropics: guidelines review  Dr Anthony Brown

    – When to evacuate +Remote medical retrieval Dr Dennis Millard

    – Travellers insurance and pitfalls   Dr Dennis Millard

    – Dealing with local governments  Dr Mike Frood

    – ALS algorithm: a evidence based review Dr Wendy Henderson

    -Psychiatric care and emergencies in remote settings-Dr. Dave Hatley

    – MCQ and practical exam

Day 6, 28th September

– 0900 – 1100: Medico-legal aspects of volunteer work  Dr Dennis Millard

– 1200 – 1400: Dealing with the media  Dr Mike Frood

– 1400 – 1500: Looking after yourself as the remote medical doctor, physically and mentally  Dr Dennis Millard

-1500-1700:  Airway panel: expert case reviews and perspectives 

 Dr Scott Stirling, Dr. Phil Chapman,Dr Chris Mcguire Dr. Dennis Millard

Day 7, 29th September

– 0900 – 1100: Current Surfing-doctors NGO projects  Dr Wendy Henderson

– 1200 – 1400: An EU perspective on surfing medicine  Dr Alex Turner

– 1500 – 1700: Fundraising and financial aspects Dr Nick Maister

– 1800 – 2300: Closing Ceremony and sundowner

Day 8, 30th September

0800 – 1130am: Speedboat journey back to Bali

1400 – 1800: visit Bali International Medical Centre retrieval service for ‘An Indonesian perspective’ on medical retrieval.

Day 9, 1st October 2017

Travel back to home-country via own means.


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