New Frontier- PNG

Here I am in PNG, just finished 2 weeks of teaching on an Emergency Medicine Diploma for health workers over here. Interesting – challenging, but awesome. Kinda been working in the local hospital since then- bit of an eyeopener and I was left to work in the ED on my own on my first morning-humm…. a good experience anyway.

There has also been a recent outbreak of cholera in the country, including Madang. With MSF involvement, they are working hard to contain it, but with limited resources, it could spell trouble. Here in Madang, things are just about under control, and a separate cholera ward has been setup, but I’ll keep you posted.

The health secretary of PNG and other ministers came to Madang for a meeting to approve a new medical school here. Weirdly we all went out for dinner, and well, not many people can say the minister for health sang happy birthday to them on their 30th! One to remember eh?

I’ve been doing a bit more surf doctoring as well. Went to a new local surf camp Tupira, Ulingan Bay near Madang. A great community project assisted by PNG surfing association, and with all the right ingredients for a perfect stay. You are made to feel very welcome, just like a long lost wantok. Here’s a couple links, so you can check the photos- not very many waves but be proud I paddled muchos!

Click to access tupira_surf_club_madang.pdf

We ran some impromptu drowning/CPR and snakebite sessions for the village, which was translated into Pigin. The village is currently trying to fundraise for a local health post, so any surf doctoring will be gratefully received.

Sorry its taken a while Phil, but now I’ve finally worked out the blog, there maybe a few more comments to come- I might even try and work out how to add photos! Any suggestions….?

have fun,

Kirst x



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  1. Howzit Kirstie ,

    Thanks for the update from PNG !! Sounds interesting , and typical 3rd world situation .
    I will try find the info on loading up pics .
    How much longer are you there for ??
    Ben headed off to Hawaii today , and he sounded very amped . Wish I was going as well .

    If you are staying on , send us a few more blogs .

    You have missed cold frontal weather , a run of gastro at the hospital , and low morale in
    general ….so , your timing was great !!

    Enjoy the tropics ,

    Regards ,


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