Samo samo

Shame about Bunbury morale- maybe they should think about working here!

So, the day starts at 5am with a cholera outbreak visit to a local village, that doesn’t happen! No matter, as there is plenty in ED to keep me entertained, Screwdriver attacks, splenic trauma and worse from domestic violence (a 60% high here), the odd pyrexia and malaise (anti-malarials and broadspectrum antibiotics are all the rage), and a lab that may make up the results! Death adder snake bites seem pretty common with not enough magic in the old local blackstones! Well samo samo. Time for G&T and news from Hawaii.


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  1. Howzit ,
    Yes , we could do with some of that interesting case mix for sure !! This week things seem better , and the Gastro has literally blown over .
    I hope you are taking lots of pics , and then maybe we could coerce you into doing a brief
    talk about your adventures .
    Has the predicted swell finally arrived in Hawaii ??
    I heard it was flat for a while .

    Cheers , Regards PC

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