Dr Anthony Buddle

The New Zealand Doctor who enjoys surfing, as well as the thrill of the hunt

Where are you from?

I’m from Auckland – New Zealand.

How old are you?

Thirty-two years old.

Where did you study / graduate?

Auckland University.

Where do you currently work?

Middlemore Hospital.

What is your position/title here?


How long have you been surfing?

15 years +

Where is your favourite wave in the world?

G-Land, Indonesia.

Where is your local break?


What is you every day go-to surfboard? 

Ive got a …Lost 6’0 –

What is the best experience you have had while on a surf trip?

Met some pretty amazing people! Nothing really beats that.

What is the worst experience you’ve ever had on a surf trip?

Drove 10 hours at home and didn’t even get in the water cause the waves were so bad!

How long have you been spear fishing for?

About 5-10 years, Started off getting crayfish for about 5 years, now do a bit of both.

How would you describe the thrill of spear fishing to a non-fisher?

It’s basically like hunting underwater. Super challenging and it’s just epic being in a different environment. Even if you don’t get anything, you usually are stoked.

What are those two fish and what were their weights?

the Fish were a 20lb Snapper and a >20kg Kingfish

If you had magical powers, what is the one thing you would like to change in the world?

Slow down time….  Running out of it and there is so many more things I want to do.

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