First Aid Help at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay…

Following the successful evening of First Aid and Life Support At the Beach talk in Jeffreys Bay, the Surfing Doctors in conjunction with Jeffreys Bay Boardriders Club have organised 2 first aid boxes as a first port of call for
surfers and other beach users who are injured at Supertubes or any of the other nearby surf spots.

The boxes (one basic, one advanced) will be located at the African Perfection Guesthouse Reception, 20 Pepper Street, Supertubes Car Park, which is open every day.

As well as first aid equipment and guidelines for basic life support
(CPR), there will be a list of emergency numbers for ambulance, local doctors and hospitals as well as a map.

Within the first 24 hours of the box being set up, Dr Preeti was
around when a young chap from PE was on the receiving end of the fins of his board at Supers, and needed 7 stitches in the back of the head, so already we know that this is a useful initiative.

If you would like any further information about this new set up, are keen to donate money towards the upkeep and restock of the box, or would be interested in setting up something similar at your local break, please contact Dr Preeti Nirgude via email, and check out the Surfing Doctors website

Cheers all, it would be great if you guys can spread the word so that people know, even more important than the kit, the numbers we need in order to summon help are all there in the event of an emergency.


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