Festive Greetings!

Hi all,

Just a message wish you a good festive season, I am sure you are all
celebrating it an appropriate fashion….

Thanks to everyone for the progress of the SurfDocs this year… we’ve
made huge progress…

First big shout out to Webguru and legend Shannon, without whom we
would be logoless, websiteless, blogless, and well, generally nowhere-
thanks mate for your hard work, patience with the IT Philistines that
are me and Phil…and general all round good eggness. Ta to John Dutts
of Vortex Margaret River for helping out with the awesome shirts, and
Pa Chapman for the poster and card printing… (shout if anyone needs
posters etc, I will send)

Secondly the G-land roster- this is the first year it as been covered
virtually seamlessly so cheers everyone who was on the rota for giving
us your time in exchange of barrels, bintangs and other jungle
happenings… Same same (but different) next year…

The blog has been a great success as well, and we can actually see a
rise in the number of page views when the blog is active- so if even
if you’re not at G-land and have a tale to share, please email me and
let me know, we can get you on there… keep spreading the
word…Cheers all the blogging contributors this year, I’ve
particularly enjoyed Dr Phil’s bintang fuelled left of field lateral
jungle storytelling…

The First Aid and Life Support at the Beach session in Jbay was also
well received and we hope our relationship with Jbay Boardriders
continues to grow. We’ve also started the First Aid Box initiative-
details on previous blog posts…again contact me if you are thinking
of starting something similar at your local break…

Cheers also for all your articles, which have been published on our
website, theBOMBsurf.com and also in the Physiology section in the new
BOMB surf wetsuit guide (check it out on their site). The A-Z of
Surfers Health is starting to take shape too. There are still many
articles needing an author and other surf sites/mags wanting our
input, so if you have time to pen something please give me a shout…
peeps with outstanding articles to write should get in touch with me
asap to confirm what they are up to….

The conference at G-land 28th April- 5th May 2010 is also coming
together, and those of you still to book please could you do so asap
so we can get an idea of who and how many are attending… there are
some slots for some talks free, so if any one who’s going to be there
wants to take a lecture slot, again let me know… I’m thinking a few
of you have got some adventures to share (Kirstie, Joe Starke, I’m
looking at you people)

Plans for next year- G-land infirmary, Project in Peru, and other

I will keep you posted.

Aloha for now, amigos…


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