Medical Student Dan Sloan

Nationality: Australian

Current Position: First year medical student at the University of Wollongong.

Co-Director of Little Chilli Consulting

Favourite surf destination:

Margaret River region – West Australia, Indonesia, Mauritius.

Travel experience:

Maldives, Indonesia, England, Spain, Austria, Germany, France, Canada, Egypt, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Hawaii, USA, Switzerland, Taiwan, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Holland and Italy.

Education and work experience:

I have an degree in sport management and a Master of Business Administration from the Universrity of Newcastle. After having a few big experiences in 2015, I realised that it was time to jump into medicine and contribute to people’s well-being, rather than solely the bottom line.

The transition to medicine has been great so far – I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience and challenge, though I recognise there is a long way to go.

Any information you would like to add about yourself:

I grew up only a few hundred metres for the beach in a small town south of the QLD/NSW border. As you can imagine, growing up in a location like that led to a strong love of the ocean.

I enjoy riding every type of wave craft from bodyboards, surfboards, SUPs, surf skis, windsurfing and more. For me it’s all about maximising the fun you can have on any given day.

If I can’t be in the surf the next best choice for me is steep lines and deep powder, preferably away from the crowd. Basically, it all boils down to a simple fact – I’m a happy guy when I have a chance to enjoy nature and live life to the fullest.

I’m excited about the possibility of combining my passion for the ocean with my emerging passion for medicine, and helping those in need.

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