The Surfdocs Jungle conference looms !

Well guys , I must say I’m finally getting the amp up for this conference .

It’s been a long time coming , but , by the 28th of April we should have a solid contingent of Medicos ,

Nurses , and Med students , and various other loose units headed for the Plenkung Reserve in Java .

The conference programme is in the pipeline , and will be published soon .

I just need to extract myself from the ER salt mine , and focus on the task at hand .

I am also hoping to revive this communication channel that is the Blog , and get good friends , and fellow

surfdocs involved . We will be getting into all sorts of daily dilemmas , both medical and surf related .

I’ll sign off now , but , will hopefully be back with more news regarding the Plenkung get together .


Cheers for now ,

Dr Phil

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