The New Clinic At Macaronis Resort

Dr Eghardt Brand from Surfing Doctors recently spent a two-month stint at the Macaronis Resort.

These images From Dr Brand are of the new clinic being built alongside the central Macaronis Resort building.



Dr Brand –

“Maccas resort is in the process of building a medical clinic. The Pagai Foundation and Surfing Doctors are behind this amazing new venture. Basically the doctor will do a stint of three weeks or more, and look after the Maccas resort staff and clients. He will also do a couple of free clinics at the local villages per week and be involved in basic health care. Funding for medicine and stitching and diagnostic equipment is needed. The Pagai Foundation and donors will help. The plan is also that if charter boat surfers need stitching or medical advice and treatment, they will be asked to pay a donation towards the Pagai Foundation. That money will go straight into the villagers clinic fund, and the purchasing of medicine and equipment needed to run the operation.”

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