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Howdy to you blog loving Doctor types..

Just a quick question… Being a rather rotunderous, fun loving, lump of a guy and a real lover of chocolate.  The last few days have seen me inhale the odd “bakers dozen” of lovely little chockie bunnies and maybe a couple of eggs too.   Now me being a lover of sports, with my main focus being surfing and the fact that it has been live on fuel TV all Easter weekend, I have really taken to this new water ballet , albeit I have not left my bum hugging couch a lot over the past few day..

I must say, you surfing folk are great to watch and have really given me hope to one day leave my comfy couch and head down to the beach, but therein lies the problem.. I am one Fat Bastard and I have zero motivation.. Well, I suppose I do have some.  I get a little from deep fried food shoots and I will even hop in the car and drive down to the corner shop for a solid dose of dim sims and crumbed sausages, however the other things that motivate are private… , just between my computer & I.

So, lets cut to the chase.. What is it like when you are not only a life saving doctor but also super cool, tube riding, travel around the world, blog writing, super human, who exudes oodles of motivation & focus..?

This cholesterol laden, chocolate impregnated, dim sim infested, fat bugger would like to know how to attain some of this motivation & focus.  Is there any hope for me and my many sofa surfers?? 

Cheers from the couch..

Da Fat Bastard

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