Jungle Rot sets in.!!

Howdy Folks

We are reporting in from the Inaugural Surfing Doctors Conference, where we have been engaged in the huge task of organising, planning and educating the enthusiastic group that have come on this journey to the Plenkung Reserve..

While the lectures have been interesting and educational, the action after hours has been highly entertaining.. Just last night we had some “rock n roll”  wrestling around the pool table..!!  Dr Dennis “the Menace” was found on the recieving end of the pool cue.  Undeterred, he delivered an eloquent lecture on Malaria, with a brief interlude that deviated into Lesbian love and sex toys.. !!! Say no more..

Breaking back to the surf scene, we have had some epic days in the surf, albeit only in the 3 – 4 foot range, still, Doctors cant be choosers..  Today kicked off with a solid tropical rain storm, which flushed a large contigent of Euro Trash into the water, lacking manners and co-ordination.  They proved themselves a nuisance to us all.  The day ended on a high note with some glassy perfection in the evening.

Finally back to the title.   Where due to the excessive moisture, humidity and non stop rain, while host of skin conditions seem to have afflicted most of the guests, some more so that others.. !!  This particular fungus attacks at random and no appendage is safe.  The rash is somewhat vesicular, painfull and disturbing to all the diseased crew, almost reminiscent of the days when leprosy afflicted the unclean and smocks and bells were the order of the day..!!

Regardless of all this fungal insanity, spirits are still high as we head into our final day of the conference and we are expecing a huge night of festivities tomorrow for our closing and fines function..

Signing off from the jungle..

Dr’s Phil & Simon along with Jim Parko (OAM) + Corey the surf guide

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