Dr Jon Cohen

Meet Dr Jon Cohen, a self-confessed frother.

Who is Dr Jon Cohen?

he’s the archetypal exuberant, kooky Canadian frothing in Australia’s sub-tropical waters.

What has he been getting up to?

In the surfing world, he is known best for poor wave selection and scoring the biggest wipeouts in the smallest waves. Will surf pretty much anything that looks wet.

What does he do with his life?

He has an honours degrees from McGill (Pharmacology) and University of Queensland (MBBS), and is currently completing advanced training with the Australian College of Emergency Medicine, recently transplanted from Western Australia to New South Wales.

Where does he like to surf?

Favorite surf trips have been Peru, Mexico and Nias.

Dr Jon Cohen, G-land.

Where does he like to hang in Australia?

His favorite surf / lifestyle places to live have been Western Australia (quality) and Sydney’s Northern Beaches (quantity!).

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