Dr Dave Hately



Current Position: 

Rural GP/VMO King Island Hospital, Tasmania.

Previous Benevolent Work: 
Some unintentional work in the Mentawai’s.
One particular incident, a near drowning incident which highlighted how little they have out there in terms of supplies and infrastructure to transfer sick people out.

2 months Volunteer work at Namuga and Kira Kira Hospitals in the Solomon Islands.

Favourite Surf Destination: 

Restaurants, Fiji.

Travel Experience: 
Surf travel – Australia, Tonga, Reunion Island, Sri Lanka, Indonesia – Bali, Mentawai. Islands, Java, Enganno. Fiji.
General travel – North America, South East Asia, Japan, Europe.

Work Experience: 
Med School Elective in Tonga.

Internship & Residency: 
Nambour General Hospital Sunshine Coast.
Rural Year Working in Mount Isa and surrounding communities.
GP training North Coast NSW.

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