Introducing Dr Martin Ibach

Let’s check in with Dr Martin Ibach
Where were you born?
I’m Australian born but German/Danish parents .
I went to University in Perth at University of Western Australia.
Current position?
Currently an ED SMO at Busselton Hospital and Rural GP Anaesthetist at Margaret River Medical Centre and Hospital (been there since 2001)
Favourite surf destination?
My favourite destination is Rote, because it is more chilled surfers and less hassle, although it is getting busier now.  Big open faces and long lefts that suit my 7’4 by 3 inch blank.
Favourite waves?
Local breaks are Grunters and Boaties in Margs,(hate to admit it but SUP more than surf these days at home) and Besi Alu in Rote.
Work travel experience?
I was a voluntary expedition medic in Chile for 3 months in the mid-90’s ,after which I started surfing  the beachie at Pichelemu. I really want to go back and surf Punta de Lobos one day soon
Tell us a funny story.
I was almost locked up in a Zimbabwean jail for possession, a long but good story to share over a few Bintangs.

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