Introducing Medical Student Max Hardie Boys


New Zealand

Current position:

Medical Student, Wellington, NZ

Local Breaks:

Anywhere in Taranaki, Lyall Bay or the Wairarapa coastline

Favourite surf destinations:


Surf Travel Experience:

Bali twice, Kuta Lombok once

Non-surf Travel Experience:

Traveled for 10 weeks around California, France, Italy, England, Scotland with family, as well as Rarotonga and Fiji. Went to London, Dubai and Malta for cross- country world champs when I was at school. Skied in Japan for two weeks. Went to Thailand and Singapore. Recently travelled to Bali, Lombok and Cambodia, then the following year went to Bali again, Vietnam and Sydney. Looking forwards to more as soon as I can!


Medical degree at University of Otago, NZ. First three years in the deep south in Dunedin, then the final three years in Wellington.

Who is your favourite surfer and why?

Dave Rastovich because of his mellow, fun and smooth style, and his similar outlook on life.

Heaviest experience while traveling?

Getting my drink spiked on a night out in Cambodia, waking up 7h later with no idea where I have been, wallet stripped of everything valuable, phone gone and an angry taxi driver waiting for me downstairs in the hotel lobby, with a flight to catch in an hour.

What is the best thing about the life you have chosen?

Getting the opportunity to balance a challenging career path that allows me to help others, with the things I love to do and the people I love to spend my time with.

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