Fun, Fever & Fungus

Hi there crew , reporting in from WA after just having returned from the SE  Javanese jungle , where the internet was decidedly unreliable .

After an initial pulse of solid swell in late September things went relatively quiet as we headed into October.  There were still fun sessions to be had up at Kongs and Fanpalm in the 3 – 4 foot range and then eventually the swell dropped to a dismal 1 foot for 2 days.

Just before our departure, there was another bump in the swell with occasional 6 foot sets at Moneytrees which kept all punters stoked and most crew seemed to get their fill of bombs as crowds were minimal , and manners were amazingly prevalent !! .  Needless to say with the dropping swell, so did the injury count dwindle, but with the savage night time deluge of rain, the fungus made a minor comeback.  The afflicted including DT (the photographer from Bobby’s) and Nick (the Yoga Meister) were quick to pay a visit to the infirmary for some anti-fungal basting.

Still on the fungus front, our trusty surfguide Jerad went down with a case of Pitiryasis Versicolor, which caused him much grief but was easily treated.

Finally on a more serious note, Nathan Rose (the renowned shaper from Margaret River) went down with a fever (PUO) for 3 days. On the 3rd day he emerged from his mozzi net looking pale, dehydrated and rather unstable (mentally & physically) The decision was made for him to be evacuated asap.  He was referred onto our reliable medical back up in Bali, the BIMC Centre, where he spent 3 days receiving IV Fluids and supportive care.  After numerous tests etc, a diagnosis of Dengue Fever was made.  Our assumption was that he was bitten while in Kuta , where there has been a major increase in cases this year /season .

On the party front , we had two memorable sessions . The first was to give the medical student Alex AT Turner a good send off . Things started off inocuously at Speed De Tah , but , soon went into flat out party mode at the Jungle Bar when a bottle of Bundy Rum was cracked open . The crew included , Dr Dutts the Zen Healer ( Possessed by Roland The Rat !! ) , The Goodman Bro’s from Sea Point , Cape Town , Nick the Yoga Guru , Matt from the Garden Route in RSA , Dr Evil , and the local staff , including Dodo and Bobo . A good time was had by all , and the party continued until most of the large Bintangs in the bar  fridge had been polished off .

The second party involved an impromptu get together in an attempt to drink the swell up . A bottle of Vodka and numerous Bintangs went down , and in the end Dr Dutts once again scrambled his control tower . He was last seen wandering around with a monster water bottle , beating the surfguide ( Jerad ) , and Dr Evil on the head , in a desperate attempt to exact sympathy for his vacuous state .

Once again it was extremely difficult to depart from the Jungle haunt . With news of a solid south swell approaching , and hardly any crowds ( All camps had the bare minimum present ) , it was tough to get into the bemo for the muddy , spine jangling trip to Kuta .

We now have Dr Preeti headed in as medical back-up until the 17th Oct , and then Dr Simon Nothling heads over for a stint to finish off the season .

In closing I’d like to thank Laurenz ( Jungle Camp Owner ) , and all the trusty staff at the camp for their excellent hospitality that enabled us all to have a super relaxed time . Keep up the good work guys , and we hope to catch you all again next year for our second Surfing Docs Conference . ( Dates to be anounced early in the New Year ) .

Signing off from a small coastal town in WA ,

Yours truly ,



Dr Phil Chapman .

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