Dr Megan Dickson Joins The Party

A big welcome to Dr Megan Dickson, an ER resident in southern California


I grew up on the beaches of Orange County, California with a deep love for the ocean. I spent most of my childhood swimming, both in the oceans and the pool as a competitive club swimmer.  I picked up surfing as an adult and fell in love.  I am currently doing residency in Emergency Medicine in Loma Linda, California, about an hour outside of some of the best beaches to surf at in California. I hope to keep surfing as much as possible over the next several years. After residency, I plan to do medical work abroad. I am hoping to use the versatile skills I’m learning in Emergency Medicine training to work in underserved areas with limited resources. When I’m not in the ER or surfing, I like to practice yoga, run, or hammock anywhere and everywhere!

Education and Work Experience Bachelors of Arts in History and Political Science-UCLA

Kindergarten Teacher, Detroit- Teach for America

Medical Degree -Loma Linda University

Emergency Medicine Residency-Loma Linda University 

Favorite Surf Destination:  Kailua-Kona, Big Island of Hawaii.

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