Paramedic Brett Webster Enters Stage Left

Firefighter and paramedic William Bret Webster has joined the Surfing Doctors, and this is his welcome into the gang, and virtual hug. 

Brett is 47 years old and he lives in Melbourne Beach, Florida.  


He has worked for Brevard County Fire Rescue for 19 years as a firefighter/paramedic.  BCFR is the 5th largest department in the state of Florida and they run over 100,000 calls a year.  BCFR provides fire protection and emergency medical services to the citizens of Brevard County.  BCFR does all the 911 emergency transports for the entire county and they practice progressive medical protocols.

Living in Central Florida allows Brett to ride an array of boards (SUP, longboard, shortboard, fish/groveler and hydrofoil).  He enjoys staying active and healthy and hanging out with the family.  

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