The Dr Anne Stephenson Profile

We welcome Dr Anne Stephenson to the Surfing Doctors fold.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in inland Victoria longing to be at the beach which, alas, was only once a year on our annual summer holiday.

Where do you do most of your surfing these days?

Thankfully, I now live on the Victorian surf coast and I am a GP in Torquay. I sneak surfs in before breakfast while my surfing husband prepares kid’s lunchboxes and the occasional longer lunch break paddle. (thank goodness for nursing homes).

How long have you been surfing for, and do you consider yourself a frother?

Typical of surfers taking it up later in life, I admit to being a complete, unadulterated frother, yet I yearn to carve and flow like Torren Martyn.

Where are you off to next for a surf trip?

I am going on my first stint as a doctor this year to the Mentawai Islands. I am probably taking way too much equipment due to my anxiety with being unprepared.

Have a good trip. Take photos!


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