A Big Welcome To Dr Simon McCosker

Introducing Dr Simon McCosker



Current Position: 

JMO at Wollongong Hospital.

Favourite surf spot: 

Potholes or Aussie Pipe! 

Favourite surf destination: 

Undecided (too many places I have yet to surf!)

Travel experience: 

UK, Europe, USA, Hawaii, Baja (Mexico), Canada, Vietnam, NZ, Bali, India, Japan.

Best surf trip ever: 

So far, surfing Trestles as good as it can get was pretty incredible despite the crowd.

Worst surf trip ever: 

Getting skunked in Baja – cold and tiny.

Best advice you were ever given with regards to surfing:

Move with your shoulders and hips to direct the board.

Education and work experience:

Studied Genetics Bachelor then MD at Sydney University. Mid way through 2 years as a Junior Medical Officer at The Wollongong Hospital.

Favourite surfer in the world and why:

Close call between Ryan Burch, a fellow goofy footer who oozes style on whatever he rides or Dave Rastovich, who reads waves so well and does awesome work for the environment.

Current go-to surfboard:

Rasta Torus Twin by Gary McNeil 5’6′ 20′ 2’7/16

Any other information you would like to add about yourself: 

Well, I really enjoy life and try to always enjoy the small things that might go unnoticed from time to time. 

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