Final Year Med Student Nick Cooper

We would like to welcome final year Medical Student Nick Cooper to the Surfing Doctors fold. Nick is a goofy-footer from Newcastle.

Current position:

Final Year Medical Student at University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Local surf spot:

Dixon Park, Newcastle.

Favourite surf destination

New Ireland/New Hanover PNG.

Travel experience:

North America, Central America, Europe, Indo, Japan, Samoa, Vanuatu, Philippines.

Best surf trip ever:

Definitely spending 2-3 months on an elective in Kavieng Papua New Guinea with two co-students Jonny and Mallee. Plenty of waves and shenanigans. 

Worst surf trip ever

South coast NSW trip for a week with a couple mates, did my meniscus second day and had to take photos the rest of the time of empty Aussie Pipe.

Best advice given regarding surfing:

Less is more.

Education and work experience:

Final year BMed with clinical years at John Hunter Hospital. Medical elective at kavieng general hospital kavieng. I also have a physio degree and worked for a year at St Vincent’s hospital in Sydney. 

Favourite surfer and why:

Luis Stackhouse because he does big boy turns.

Current go-to surfboard:

A Dylan Perese 5’10” about 26.5 lts.



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