Surfing Doctors Conference 4-11th September, G-land, Java, Indonesia

So the cogs are grinding and plans for the 2011 Surfing Doctors Conference are afoot… it looks like we’ll be bring you a variety of talks and the usual crew and waves will be present as ever… Dates are 4-11th September 2011 at Joyo’s Surf Camp, G-land, you can find information about the accommodation available at or email me to confirm that you’re coming, or with any queries. Pretty much all of the crew got study leave for the conference last year, so we will be getting a provisional programme out to you shortly so you can get your applications in- again, please email me if you need me to send you this information…

Again, as with last year, if you’re passing through Kuta and you are at the end of your trip and no longer require your medical supplies- please drop them off at the Joyo’s Surf Camp Office- they will be gratefully received. Similarly- conference delegates, if you can make some space in your bag for a bit of kit for the G- land Infirmary and bring it along, that would be great.

Otherwise, all good, season in Indo is underway, drop me or Phil an email if you’ve got any ideas re: conference, or anything else. Travel safe, folks,


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  1. Hey Doc Preeti.Sorry i missed u.If u would still like a pic re G-land,drop me a line and will sort it out.Thanks for your help and was nice meeting you.

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