Final Year Medical Student Jonathan Kuo

We welcome Medical Student Jonathan Kuo to the team.

Where are you from?

What is your current position?
I’m a medical student.

Where is your local surf spot?
Dixon Park/Merewether, Newcastle, NSW.

Where is your favourite surf destination?
Papua New Guinea (New Ireland & New Hanover).

What sort of travel experience do you have?
Europe/North America/South America/Africa/Asia/Indonesian/Tonga/PNG.

Can you remember your best surf trip ever?
Spending 2 months in PNG surfing New Ireland and New Hanover on perfect, uncrowded waves.

What was your worst surf trip ever?
On our trip in PNG, I got a bit to excited to get in the water and threw the anchor in without the rope. Took a good half an hour of diving down to the bottom to find it.

What is the best bit of advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?
Early rise gets the surprise.

What is your education and work experience?
In my last year of a BMed at the University of Newcastle.
I also have a Bachelor of Science at Sydney Uni.
I have worked as an operations assistant in the hospital for 6 years.

Who is your favourite surfer in the world and why? 
That guy on YouTube who talks about getting so pitted- love his stoke.

What is your current go-to surfboard?
JS Monsta box- 6’0- a great all rounder.

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