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Surfing Doctors

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February 2019

Hi all members old and new

This is the first of what will become a regular newsletter, and its purpose is to let all members know what we’re getting up to, what some of the members are getting up to, as well as camp rosters and surf missions.

This year the Surfing Doctors G-Land Conference has been booked in for 3-8 May, with some of us coming early and others leaving later. We have quite a few confirmations already, so if you want to attend, please get hold of Phillip Chapman on to confirm. Always a great event, the conference is tied in to the high tides and those dates are not going to change. The G-Land Conference program will be up in about 2 weeks, and the current roster is up

The Joyos Surf Camp opens on 2 March.

The Firemen and Paramedics go in to the jungle for their conference on 16-22 May.  

Then we have the Surfing Doctors South African Conference planned for August 2019. This is the first time we are doing this, and will be on the East Coast, based mainly around the Transkei. The best way to get involved with this conference would be to fly into Port Elizabeth and go hit JBay, which is about an hour from the airport. After a couple of hopefully-firing Supers sessions, we’ll all head on up to East London on the 12 August, and then head into the Transkei for a two-week adventure. Sick point waves and chilled vibes are on the program, as well as visiting three busy District Hospitals.  

A reminder that there are still the very cool Surfing Doctors shirts for sale – both long and short sleeved, and they’re going cheap. Again, contact Phillip Chapman if you would like to purchase and he will sort it out.

There is a roster available for Macaroni’s Resort as well, and if anyone would like to go and hang out there and surf the ridiculously perfect left out front and a few of the other more gnarly set-ups in the area, please get hold of Eghardt Brand on Check out the Pagai Foundation on Facebook while you’re thinking about it.



Further north, and the Friends Of Nias with Oculoplastic Surgeon RAF Gabrielle, is keen to collaborate with Surfing Doctors and get some of us up there, to their clinic. You can find out more about Friends OF Nias here –, Kandui Villas are keen to collaborate, and have hosted a Doctor or two so far. Check them out here

Surfing Doctors member Rachael Dawe having fun at Kandui.


We are also keeping tabs with Namotu and Tavarua to see if there are any gaps across that part of the world.

Jon Cohen has been hard at work on the east coast, setting up his Better Surf Marketplace venture. The concept is an online retail outlet with products that aim to make surf travel safer and surfers more dialed in with first aid. Jon has developed the initial Calm As F.A.R.K. first aid kits that have already started shipping, and also sells tourniquets and other gear to manage shark attacks, with more products coming soon. Hit them up on Facebook and on Instagram – @bettersurfoz .  Check it all out on their website –

Our latest members are final year medical students Nick Cooper and Jonny Kuo

New recruit Nick Cooper

For those of you who need to pay or renew subs, it’s $100/annum, and payment details are below.

The bank account details are as follows

Surfing Doctors

BSB 063-860

ACN 10244935

James looks after the money so after you send it through can you just let him know:

If you’re on Instagram plse find us on @surfingdoctors and tag us whenever you can so we can follow you or find you.

That’s it for now – stay in touch




The Crew at Surfing Doctors


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