Final Year Medical Student Mallee Lambert Joins The Fun

As the third installment of the Newcastle Final Year medical students, Mallee joins his mates Nick Cooper and Jonathan Kuo as current and paid up members of Surfing Doctors.

Welcome lads.

All three of them rate Papua New Guinea as favourite surf destinations, so maybe PNG is holding?

Let’s see what Mallee has been up to.

Current position – Final Year Med Student from Newcastle University

Local surf spot – Newcastle Point

Favourite surf spot destination – Ungalik – Papua New Guinea

Travel experience – Japan, Europe, Scandinavia, New Zealand, PNG

Best Surf trip ever – 2017 spent 10 weeks in northern PNG surfed some unreal spots that were untouched and unknown.

Worst surf trip ever – Off an island in New Guinea I tied an anchor to a knot that slipped. We chased a borrowed boat 2km out to sea, paddling on our boards, before locals picked us up.

Best principle you were ever given in regards to surfing – Learn to surf in all conditions, even slop has something to offer.

Education and work experience – Studied 2 years of biomedical science before starting Medicine, spent 2 months volunteering in Kavieng Hospital – PNG.

Favourite surfer in the world and whyNicholas Cooper always calm and collected in heavy surf, he is the mecca of cool.

Current go-to surfboard? (make and dims) – JS Monsta Box 6’0 31lts.





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