Introducing Dr Raf Ghabrial and Friends Of Nias

A big welcome to Dr Raf Ghabrial, joining the Surfing Doctors. Dr Ghabrial is also very involved with the Friends Of Nias organisation, and you can find out more about it here –





Medical degree and Eye Specialist qualifications at Sydney.

Current position:

Now Associate Professor at Sydney University in Ophthalmology.

Local surf spot:

My local surf spot is Manley, and Fairy Bower.

Favourite surf destination:

My favourite overseas surf  spot is definitely Nias. In Australia my fave spot is Angourie.

Travel experience:

I have have traveled to and surfed in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Indonesia and Australia (NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA).

Best surf trip ever:

My best trip of all time was to North Sumatra and the Banyak Islands.
Worst surf trip ever:

No worst trip.

Favourite surfer and why:

My favourite surfers are my four kids.

Current go-to surfboard:

Standard boards are my JS BlackBox 6’2, and my Dahlberg custom 6’6.

Tell us a little about Friends of Nias: 

I’m very passionate about Friends Of Nias  –  we’re currently setting up a clinic to be run by locals and volunteers. It will be self-sufficient and sustaining. Right now, we’re desperately seeking volunteers  – doctors, nurses and physios etc.


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