… and Dr Alex Hoediono follows his brother to the Surfing Doctors team.

Introducing Dr. Alex Hoediono

We welcome Dr. Alex Hoediono and his brother Dr. Nikolas Hoediono to the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Alex?

I’m the less talented brother.

What is your education and work experience?

Studied in Queensland. This is my second year working in Sydney.

What is your current position?


Where is your local surf spot?

Dee Why

What sort of travel experience do you have?

I ride my bike to the beach here. If the path isn’t busy sometimes I can even ride with no hands.

Dr Alex Hoediono, and some other guy… 



Favourite surf destination?

Home break on an actually good day. That way I can eat ice cream on the couch after.

What was your worst surf trip ever?

This one time I walked all the way to the beach, jumped in the water and paddled half way out before realizing I hadn’t put in any fins after repairing them from a reef hit. I ran all the way home and went back out since it was decent out. It would have been embarrassing but I have no dignity left after surfing Snapper too many times.

What is the best bit of advice you were ever given with regards to surfing?

“It helps to click ya fins in first mate!”

Who is your favourite surfer in the world and why?

My brother because he blocks spongers for me so I can get all the rights I want.

What is your current go-to surfboard?

Chilli Black Vulture.



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