Surf Docs Medical Kit – OUTSTANDING!

Howzit boys,

Sorry for the silence, back at work and coming up for air. Glad to hear everyone is well and the banter continues. Attached please see some “life style shots” – short on action but makes you feel like going surfing.

The trip was just outstanding, we were very lucky with waves – 45 hours of surfing in 10 days is just about all I could manage. Rates up with the best of the best trips I have been on, actually just what I needed. Philip the medical kit was OUTSTANDING, thank you! Jason Stevens cut his hand badly on the first day (2 stitches, but needed about 5 I recon) and he used the kit non stop. A lot of the boys tucked in.

Cheers ekse.
David Pfaff


  1. Hey Guys,

    Great kit! I am the dude top right hand photo after getting rugby tackled on dry reef at Lance’s left. Suggestion from the team was to get different stickers for the kit and you can sell it at general outdoors stores (Mountain biking, hiking, etc..). It is multi purpose.



  2. Thanks so much Phil
    Kit saved me from certain infection in Indo .
    2 days out the water watching the boys get waves was hard , but we luck into some great surf !

    Cheers JS

  3. Hi,

    any update on whether the kit is available for purchase yet??

    I’m a medical student on the south coast NSW, would be a very handy set up to have on trips down the coast!



  4. The medical kit is great!! thanks so much for your help with it Phil!
    Has everything you could possibly need in there and it fits easy in the pack to take away!
    After looking at others available elsewhere, this one certainly works out to be the best value!!
    Highly recommend

    Thanks again

  5. Hi Guys, looks like an awesome kit, I’m heading to Sth Sumatra in May 2014 and wondering if I can purchase one of your medical kits for the trip? Regards, Robert

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