Welcome To Third Year Medical Student Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is a third year medical student and a US Navy officer.
United States.
Current position:
3rd year medical student at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Local surf spot:
Long Beach, NY.
Education and work experience:
Bachelor of Science from University of New Hampshire, freestyle ski coach for Freestyle America.

Favorite surf destination:
Travel experience:
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Portugal.
Best surf trip:

Worst surf trip:
Flat spell in Puerto Rico.
Best thing about surfing:
Trading waves with friends.
Best advice in regards to surfing:
If the wave breaks here, don’t be there.

Favorite surfer:
Brett Barely east coast charger and tube hound.
Current board:
5’11” super brand 27 L.

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