All Set For 11th Annual Surfing Doctors Conference at G-Land

It’s all systems go for the 11th Annual Surfing Doctors Conference at G-Land! Running from May 3-8, there will be a solid number of doctors and medical professionals there for the conference as well as to maybe hook into some surf.

The early season run at G-land has been incredible already this year, and it looks like there is more to come. With such a good start to the season it bodes well for a solid season in the jungle.

Right now Dr Ant Brown is at G-Land and is absolutely scoring!

Dr Ant Brown, scoring! 


Day 1 – May 2nd

Candidates fly to Bali from overseas destination, prepare for early morning speed-boat departure the following day. It is important to please contact Joyo’s Surf Camp to organise hotel pick up location.

 Day 2 – May 3rd


Speedboat departs 0500am from Kuta Beach, to arrive at Plenkung Reserve at 11:30am

12:00 – 15:00

Lunch, sign in attendance registry, acclimatisation and accommodation, familiarisation with nature reserve and local population.

15:00 – 19:00

Conference introduction and discussion of future goals and direction. Here we will discuss the current health climate of remote surfing destination communities and the evolving role of the volunteer doctor.

 19:00 – 20:00

Dinner will be served

20:00 – 21:30

Welcome ceremony to all delegates

Day 3 – May 4th

0800 – 0900 Common surfing muskoloskeletal injuries Dr Nick Maister

0900 – 1000 Dealing with various toxidromes in the tropics   Dr Phil Chapman

 1300 – 1400 Infectious diseases of the tropics and Malaria   Dr James Dent

1400 – 1500 Drowning reviews, cases and perspective Dr Scott Stirling

1500 – 1600 Marine envenomations Medical Sudent session

1600 – 1700 Eye trauma in remote surfing zones Dr Simon Nothling and Dr Raf Gabriel

1900 – 2000 Point of care ultrasound in the remote setting Dr. Scott Stirling and Dr Dave Hateley

2000 – 2100 Orthopaedic injuries Dr Phil Chapman

Day 4, May 5th

– 0900 – 1700pm Trauma Day

– Head and Eye trauma workshop Drs Larry McGraw and Dr Raf Gabriel

– Neck and Chest trauma : Dr’s Dennis Millard , Phil Chapman and Scott Stirling : Key focus on Airway , Breathing and Circulation issues in a remote location.

 Day 5, May 6th

– 0800 – 1000 Medico-legal aspects of volunteer work : Group session

– 1400 – 1600 Other Volunteer Opportunities for Surfing Doctors Dr Raf Gabriel

– 1600 – 1800 Looking after yourself as the remote medical doctor Dr Phil Chapman and Scott Stirling

– 1900 – 2100 Airway panel: expert case reviews and perspectives Dr Scott Stirling, Dr. Phil Chapman, Dr. Dennis Millard

Dr Phil Chapman

Day 6 – May 7th

– 0800 – 1000: Current Surfing-doctors NGO projects   Dr Dave Hateley and Raf Gabriel + Phil Chapman

– 1200 – 1400: Haemorrhagic shock and tourniquet use Dr Jon Cohen

– 1500 – 1700: Abdominal and Pelvic Trauma Dr Jon Cohen and Phil Chapman + Scott Stirling

– 1800 – 2200: BLS and ALS review and updates Group Session


Day 7- May 8th

– 0800 – 1100: Wounds in the tropics : Suturing workshop , and wound care by Dr Larry McGraw

– 1400 – 1800: Procedural Sedation in a remote location , and key facets of Analgesia Dr Dennis Millard + Group Session

– 18:00: Sunset Closing Ceremony , and Closing Function ( Fines Meeting ) .

Day 8 – May 9th

– 0800 – Speedboat trip back to Bali

*Midday : Option to visit BIMC Emergency Department for Indonesian perspective on medical retrieval in Bali and surrounding islands


 Day 9 –May 10th

– Travel back to home country via own means


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