Hi and welcome to the Surfing Doctors newsletter, June 2019

The 11th annual Surfing Doctors conference at G-land was a massive success, and worth 28 hours of CPD points. The crew in the jungle enjoyed a couple of firing swells and loads of work was done, with everyone getting stuck in with the lessons as well as with pulling in to some sick barrels. There was some action, with a guest dislocating a shoulder and floating around at backline, who was effectively treated on land. During the Conference the hard-charging surf guide Hosko also went ahead and head-butted the reef, and suffered some pretty deep cuts and lacerations. The boys climbed in however, with Jon Cohen during the suturing, and Hosko was good in no time and even made it time for evening beers. He’s still in G-land right now where the swell has been relentless, and not that busy in the water.

Crew at work on Hosko

Med student Ethan Brooker has been holding the fort at G-land, and has been scoring bombs. Simon Nothling, the charging Eye Specialist is there as well. Looks like there are some open slots in the late season, so if you want to get involved reach out to Dave Hateley for the roster deails. While on his stint in the jungle Ethan had to deal with a partularly nasty-looking leg infection on one surfer from Jack’s Surf Camp, and dealt with it using antibiotics and dressings.

Surfing Doctors are looking at further involvement at Nomatu going forward. Surfing Doctors member Chris Hewitt was involved in a Medivac situation at Nomatu recently. Chris tells the story.

The Medivac I did was for a member of staff who got anaphylaxis from a jellyfish sting when she was swimming one morning. The jellyfish was small and transparent so possibly an irukandji. The patient experienced neck swelling, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, pain over the sting area and began feeling drowsy. I was called out from the surf and boated back to the island. Adrenaline was given via an Epi pen and she was put on oxygen to stabilise her. Following this, she was given oral steroids and an antihistamine (no IV equipment or medication was available on the island). A helicopter was arranged from Namotu to the Fijian mainland where a transfer car took us to the local medical centre. The patient was stable en route. At the clinic, the patient received IV diazepam and a diluted acetic acid wash to the sting area. She was monitored for 4 hours and, following no complications, was discharged safely back to the island.

Chris Hewitt heli ride. Nice shirt

One person who has been living the dream is Rachel Dawe. She scored waves in the Mentawais Playground area doing a stong at Kandui Villas, and then headed down to the Gnarloo area for some waves, ending up stitching up a friend’s head after he too bumped into a big piece of reef. There are still openings on the roster at Kandui for June and later in the season, around August. Not a bad place to get involved.

Dennis Millard has been spending some time in Madagascar doing some NGO work, ENT lists, and other bits and pieces, but hoping to sneak off to score some surf over there. He just needs to find some of the more secret slabs down around the Flameballs area.

Dennis Millard

Our latest recruit is Chris Gracey fron New Zealand. He actually joined quite a while ago but it took him a while to get his stuff together and send off a profile. Welcome to the team Chris.

Chris Gracey

Jon Cohen has a great offer for members of the Surfing Doctors. He is offering a discount of $30 off the Calm As first aid kits for surfers, and a discount of $5 off the SWAT tourniquet. To get the discount, just use the codes SURFDOCS50 and SURFDOCS25 on the BetterSurf website https://bettersurf.com.au/

Better Surf SWAT-T’s

Any other bits and pieces of news that you might have, travel plans, trips, photos and ideas please forward on to Jarvi on info@craigjarvis for the next newsletter.

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