Dr Chris Hewitt and the Namotu Medivac

Dr Chris Hewitt was involved in medivac situation In Namotu. We caught up with him to see what went down and what actually happened.
The Medivac I did was for a member of staff who got anaphylaxis from a jellyfish sting when she was swimming one morning. The jellyfish was small and transparent so possibly an Irukandji.
The patient experienced neck swelling, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, pain over the sting area and began feeling drowsy. I was called out from the surf and boated back to the island. Adrenaline was given via an Epi pen and she was put on oxygen to stabilise her. Following this, she was given oral steroids and an antihistamine (no IV equipment or medication was available on the island). A helicopter was arranged from Namotu to the Fijian mainland where a transfer car took us to the local medical centre.
The patient was stable en route. At the clinic, the patient received IV diazepam and a diluted acetic acid wash to the sting area. She was monitored for 4 hours and, following no complications, was discharged safely back to the island 🌴
This is the local Fijian doctor (Dr Sai) who took over the patient’s care at the clinic. 
It was necessary to do some leg suturing due to a propeller cut from a boat engine on a guest’s first day. Ensured no infection throughout her stay.

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