Introducing Dr Hazel Hathway

Dr Hazel Hathway is our latest recruit. She grew up in Dorset, UK, before traveling to Guyana to spend a year teaching maths and science. After this she  headed to Cardiff, Wales to study medicine.
Hazel studied for a degree in Global Health at Bristol university before moving down to Cornwall to complete her foundation training. She has spent the last year and a half working as a locum in Cornwall and traveling.

Her boyfriend teaches outdoor education, mainly working with kids with special educational needs. They both love surfing, her boyfriend also bodyboards, as well as sea kayaking, windsurfing and mountain biking.
They are currently coming to the end of a six-month trip traveling around New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. They will be moving to Dunedin, NZ in August to work. She’ll probably head back to the UK at some point to do GP training but she insists she’s not in any rush!

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