Settling In

Hey Everybody!

Just arrived here at Joyo’s yesterday and things are off to a great start.  We’re getting the clinic cleaned up and geared up for the solid swell set to arrive Saturday and last through Monday at least.  The examining table was looking a little unstable due to wood rot and repairs are underway.  So far no injuries, just removing some sutures a guest already had after a shot to the face by the nose of his surfboard.  A Swiss guy came over from the ranger station with one day of non-bloody diarrhea, but he was eating, drinking, and looking so good I sent him out with a couple rehydration packets.  The surf has been fun and consistent around head to just overhead on most sets but everyone is amping for the swell that’s on the way.  Hope to have pictures of the swell up when it hits.



  1. Howzit Mike – how was that weekend swell ? Any carnage on the reef ??
    WA has been pumping , but unfortunately I’ve been stuck in the ED
    salt mine .
    Hope you are getting some time in the green room .
    Please send regards to the entire camp crew .

    Cheers ,


  2. Hope everything’s going well over there- looking forward to being there soon- heading over on the 4th August- 12th August…
    Send some news,

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