Dr David Mulder Joins The Team

It’s a hearty welcome to Dr David Mulder, a natural-footed charger currently based in Newcastle.


Dr Mulder is a PGY2 resident currently working in Newcastle,

Current plans and goals?

I’m not sure what direction I’ll head in long term so taking next year to locum, travel, surf and maybe find some direction.

Surfing background and history?

I’ve been surfing for just over 10 years, done surf trips to Bali, Sumbawa, Samoa, Fiji, Morocco, Hawaii and around Australia.

Where do you do most of your surfing?
In and around Newcastle these days. Previously Maroubra and the south coast of NSW
What is your favourite wave in the world?
Tough to single out one wave but probably Lennox point
What board do you currently ride? Make and dimensions.
HS Hypto Krypto 5’10
What is the best thing about our surfing world?
Also tough to pick only one. I appreciate the simplicity of it, all you need is a board, the ocean and yourself to get all the joy surfing can give, from beginners to the best in the world.
What is the heaviest thing you have dealt with while traveling?
I’ve been lucky so far and have only been involved with fractured limbs, minor head knocks and reef cuts.

Best surfing/medical experience?

I was on the medical team at the Pipe Masters for my student elective.

Did you deal with any injuries during the Pipe Masters?
Thankfully only minor lacerations and some sprains and strains during my time there. It was the year after Bede’s pelvis fracture and Owen’s head injury so safety measures were increased and the swell was not big that event.

Pipe from above.

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