Surfing Doctors Newsletter October 2019

Hi all and welcome to our latest newsletter.

Let’s jump straight in.

Phil Chapman went on a mission recently, visiting Gnarloo, and scored pumping waves. He left some medical equipment behind at the Tombstone Toilet Block, including a spinal board and a neck brace, and Jon Cohen donated a combat tourniquet. Jon has also posted a Calm As… First Aid Kit For Surfers to the crew at Gnarloo. The gang out west were stoked with the equipment. They can be found on Facebook HERE!


Talking of Calm As… remember that if you subscribe to the Better Surf mailing list you get the free eBook download as well. The First Aid Kits For Surfers are gaining traction, are available at G-Land, and have been showing up as far away as Brazil already.

Jon staged a very effective tourniquet demonstration recently. Stretch Wrap And Tuck -Tourniquets (SWAT-T) are available here

Jon has also been on Surfing Doctor missions, hitting Macaronis Resort, followed by another stint at G-Land. 

Tourniquet demo…

The boys have been scoring, and there have been plenty of swells in Indo this last season, with good stuff happening at Nias, Macaronis and G-Land.

Dave Hateley did all three, and that was after a boat trip out to the Banyaks, so he’s had his share of good waves. Find out more of Dave’s trip here –

Dave Hateley, Nias…

Not just the boys scoring. Surfing Doctors member Dr Andreia Estrela did some amazing work in the Mentawais with the Pagai Foundation, particularly with her dentistry work. Our dentist was treating some people for the first time in their lives. She scored some waves while there, and we are stoked to have her onboard with the Surfing Doctors.

Dr Andreia Estrela, Mentawais.

Another surfing doctor member Rachel Dawe has been back out at Kandui where she was staying at the Kandui Villas. She also did a stint at Namotu Island. Rachel is always charging, and enjoyed some of the Playground’s best on her longboard as well as on her shortboard, even paddling out and having a go at the notorious Nokanduis. 

Rachel Dawe, Mentawais

Then, it’s time for some subs payments please. Will those of you who haven’t paid up please pay as soon as possible. We are asking for subs early, and we will be hitting up those who havent paid by mid-November. We have a number of costs, including the running of the website, and stocking the infirmary.

We are currently negotiating with Namotu for Surfing Doctors presence there, but this needs a little bit of work, and some negotiations before it will get off the ground. The criteria that need to be in place for Namotu to be viable are that we have to make sure that we send good quality docs over who can surf and provide basic medical services. The job is primarily a surf guide/lifeguard position, and the doctor job is secondary. If anyone is interested and think they fit the criteria please reach out to Dr Dave Hateley on

We have had excellent team coverage in G-Land this year, with a consistent presence throughout the season. Those going in to the jungle have generally scored decent to excellent waves and there might just be another final push of surf at the tail end of season. Well done to everyone who had a succesful stint at the G, and who charged when the sets came.

Henry Bear, G-Land.

Next year might also see electives heading for Nias as well as G-Land. The Friends of Nias crew is keen to have more people involved up there in Lagundri, so more updates to come here too. Not a bad option for the natural-footers who are possibly wanting a change from grabbing their rails and getting a few lips to the head. Just saying.

We are starting to look at the 2020 conference as well. There have been some possibles thrown out there with regards to venues. There’s Fiji and Nias as possible locations, as well as old faithful G-land. We are just waiting for the WSL to issue their event calendar for 2020 so we can work out when the onslaught will start. It will probably kick in a month before the event’s waiting period starts, so we can work from that point.

That’s it. Feel free to hit us back for any happenings, ideas, discussions or questions going forward.

The Surfing Doctors.




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