Swiss Surfer Dr James Geiger Joins Surfing Doctors

We would like to welcome Dr James Geiger to the Surfing Doctors organisation. Hailing from Switzerland, Dr Geiger is a well-traveled for a land-locked surfer and we look forward to working with him in the future.


James Geiger



Current Position:

Resident in Gynecology and oncoplastic surgery at University hospital Basel, Switzerland

Favourite Surf Destination:

Both Indonesia and South Africa.

What are the dimensions of your favourite board right now?
Hayden shapes psychedelic germ 6‘0‘‘x19 1/2×2 1/2.
Who is your favourite surfer and why?
Julian Wilson, big turns and massive air game.
Describe your worst surfing accident or injury.
Spinal fracture on the shorebreaks of Hossegor.

What is your favourite wave out of all those destinations you have been to?
St. Leu and Étang Salé, la Réunion (except the sharks).
Jardim do mar, Madeira.
Being landlocked, what is your take on the sudden proliferation of wave pools? Have you surfed any?
Not yet. I’m looking forward to having one soon in Switzerland, although it will definitely be too pricey. In my opinion wave pools will change the sport especially have a big impact on competitive surfing.
Is there any surf spot in the world that you are desperate to surf, and why?
Skeleton bay. Sick barrels.
Exploring the coasts of Angola in hope for empty waves.
Iceland  Norway & Thurso East (Scottland). Love cold water.

Travel Experience:

As a landlocked surfer I have quite a bit of travel experience, including France, Spain, Portugal, Madeira, Italy, Morocco, Western Sahara, Senegal, South Africa and Reunion Island where I did a four month internship in Medschool. I have also been to Mexico, Costa rica, El Salvador, Maldives, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji … and of course Indonesia.

Education and Work Experience:

Medical School in Zurich, with my first two years in I did a Residency in Traumatology and Orthopedics in the Swiss Alps. followed by an 180° switch to Gynecology. At the moment I’m Resident at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland.

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