Amy Lee Joins Surfing Doctors

A warm welcome to Amy Lee, a surfer and Emergency Registrar from Australia.



Current Position:
Emergency Registrar.
Local Surf breaks:
Mermaid Beach, Burleigh, Coolangatta.
Favourite surf destination and why: 
Nicaragua. Perfect empty offshore waves all day every day and an amazing chilled out vibe.
Surf Travel:
Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Fiji, Bali, Lombok, South Africa.
Non surf travel: 
South and Central America, Europe, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Nepal.
Masters of Medicine, Bachelor of Biomedical Science.
Favourite surfer:
Steph Gilmore.

Multiple World Champion Stephanie Gilmore of Australia surfing at the Future Classic in Lemoore, CA, USA

Go -to surfboard?
Diverse Racing Mullet 6’0.
Heaviest experience whist traveling?
That feeling in your stomach when you watch the 10-foot sets rolling in at Cloudbreak and realise your not going to make it. 😦
Best thing about the life you’ve chosen? 
I get to live by the beach and surf most days while still working in a field I love. The roster is flexible to allow for travel and the skills are universal and can be practiced anywhere in the world.
Wave pools?
Would be great if you were land locked and had no access to the ocean. I’d love to try it.
But nothing will ever beat the pure joy of being immersed in a sunset over the ocean. The stoke when all the elements align for perfect peeling A-frames out the front at your local. That feeling when you catch the wave of the day and know that it was unique. That exact wave will never happen again and you got to ride it. 🤟


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