A Warm Welcome To Andy McHale From Ireland

Andy McHale from Ireland joins the Surfing Doctors. With 20 years of surfing under the belt and some serious traveling behind him, Andy comes with a fine surf pedigree.

Age: 28   

Occupation: Junior Doctor. Currently placed in the west coast of Ireland, in the South West Acute Hospital.

1)General medicine 
2) General medicine 
3) general surgery 
4) general surgery 
6) Emergency medicine  
Years surfing: 20
Countries surfed:
Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland.
Until I graduated I worked as a surf instructor during the summers.

A little bit out of focus, but we believe this is Mr McHale.

I have represented Ireland as a junior at at the world surfing championships and still compete in some regional competitions.
I have an interest in emergency medicine and hope to specialize in this in the future.
I also am interested in wilderness and expedition medicine. I am attending a wilderness expedition medicine course in March located in the French Alps.

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