What’s Going On Right Now?

Hi everyone


Here’s a quick update, to let you all know what’s happening with the Surfing Doctors, leaning into 2020.

1/ Macaroni’s is in need of some urgent help for a doc later this month, this is their facebook post. Click on the Pagai link below to contact Dr Eghardt Brand if you are keen!
Pagai Foundation is seeking a volunteer qualified doctor (at least 3 years after medical school experience) Feb 14th – Mar 13th since a recent cancelation. Your stay is FREE staying as a special guest, in exchange for contributions toward humanitarian efforts in local villages and provided you are willing to assist in a medical emergency under the good samaratan act. You get to surf and use resort equipment without charge, including meals and regular package inclusions. Inbox us if interested and we will put you in touch with Pagai Admin for further info, thank you.
Other dates available:
7 August – 21 August 
21 August – 4 September 
18 December – 1 or 8 January 
Contact Dr Eghardt Brand on eghardt@pagaifoundation.org
2/ 12th Surfing Doctors Conference – Joyos G-land, 23-29th May 2020.
Registration this year will cost $AUD150 and will include a new G-land t-shirt design.
If anyone has a short (15-30 minute) presentation that they would like to make please let us know.
Otherwise please send us an email to myself, Phil or James Dent with you shirt size once you have payed your fee’s through the PayPal.
We will provide a tax receipt for your accountant.
The PayPal link is below
3/ G-land stints 2020
Please check the roster
If you are keen to do a stint let me know. We have a few medical students booked in for electives and it would be great for them to have supervisors onsite to help with their clinical work and to provide some mentorship.
4/ Subs for 2020
Subs are still only $AUD100
We were a bit loose on this last year. It would be great to get everyone financial.
This money helps us to keep the infirmary going, the website and the social media up to date.
Please pay with the reference of your name and “subs” afterwards.
5/ If you have anything cool going on, ie have been on some good trips or have any good pics for social media we are always keen for some new content. Or if you have any mates who want to join or come to the conference get them in contact with us.

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